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4 - 6  hour trips available. Full trip is until limits are filled or time is up.Time starts when we leave the boat ramp and ends at return back to ramp. To include cleaning and packing of catch and stowing of gear.

Beginners Welcome


Salmon fishermen add $20.00 per person

6 hour trip; 1 person, $240.00 ; 2-6 people $160.00 per person

4 hour trip; 1 person, $170.00 ; 2-6 people $130.00 per person

Rates subject to change

Bookings and Reservations:

A 50 percent deposit is required at time of booking to confirm your reservation. Balance is due upon day of fishing trip. Deposits become non-refundable 30 days prior to scheduled trip.

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Northern California Trout & Salmon Fishing Guide

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Al Brown's Guide Service

White Sturgeon :  Best Feb to March

White Sturgeon are anadromous fish that spend most of there lives in an estuary, usually returning to fresh water only to spawn.The Sturgeon begin migrating up the Sac. River during winter with large water flows triggering the spawn between Feb.and June. White Sturgeon have a long life span that may exceed 100 years. White Sturgeon have been found in some cases to travel hundreds if miles to other estuaries and river systems.

Stripers :  Best April to June

There were originally no Striped Bass in California. 132 Stripers were introduced from the East Coast in 1879 then in 1882 300 more were planted to to make sure they would survive in 10 years Stripers were be sold in San Francisco markets in another 10 years over a million pounds of fish was going to market. In 1935 all commercial fishing was stopped  to enhance the sport fishery. Stripers spawn in water 61 to 69 degrees from March thru mid June. Two thirds of the Stripers in the Delta spawn in the Sacramento River between the towns of Sacramento and Colusa.

America Shad :  Best May to July

The American Shad were planted from East Coast stock and now return to the Sacramento River by the thousands in order to spawn.These fish range from 2 to 7 pounds in size. We fish for Shad from an anchored boat, casting and retrieving grubs with light fishing tackle.Getting into a school of Shad is guaranteed to provide you with a memorable experience. Shad are the hardest fighting fish pound for pound.

Steelhead :  Best in the Fall and Spring

Steelhead are anadromous fish that follow the salmon run up the Sacramento River then return to the ocean after they spawn. These fish can be caught during two runs. The spring run, which begins in April end end in July, or the Fall run , which starts in Sept. and end in Dec. The limit for Steelhead is one hatchery fish per person but we prefer to practice catch and release with many wild fish being caught. To catch these fish we use light gear with live bait, flies or plugs. Steelhead range in size from 1 to 6 pounds but have been known to reach 15 pounds.

Salmon :  Season, opens  July 16th to Dec. 16th

The Sacramento River contains the larges run of Chinook King Salmon on the West Coast with the area between Redding and Corning having the most productive Salmon fishing. The King Salmon is the larges of the Pacific Salmon.. The average weight for the King Salmon found in the Sacramento River is between 10 and 25 pounds, although  30 and 40 pounds are not uncommon.The Sacramento River record of 88 pounds was caught right here in Red Bluff. You will catch these King Salmon back trolling Flatfish with a Sardine wrap,back bouncing Roe or side drifting bait

Trout:    season open year round, Best April to Oct.

The Sacramento River from Redding  to Red Bluff is premier Trout fishing water and is well known as one of the greatest Trout fishing areas the world over. This river produces trophy Wild Rainbow Trout in size from a 1/2 pound to 5 pounds with an occasional 10 pounder bending your rod. In a single outing it is possible to catch and release up to 30 Trout using light gear with live bait, fly's, or plugs. The techniques I use make trout fishing easy and rewarding for the beginner fisherman to the experienced angler.

Al Brown's Guide Service Sacramento River Fishing Guide For Salmon Trout Steelhead Shad Striper Sturgeon

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